Technology Offered

Like it or not, technology is critical to your future success as a REALTOR®.  We have found that technology has either ruined the careers of seasoned agents or prevented many new agents from getting their business going at all. You are told that you have to get a website and that you need to have IDX on it but make sure it has a RETS feed instead of the FAR feed, then you are told to make sure it has SEO capabilities. Oh, and let's not forget it must work on a mobile phone and it should not be a subdomain of the company you work for but your own URL. We have only scratched the surface since we have not talked about a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), PPC (Pay Per Click), Paperless Document Systems or anything else. At this point many seasoned agents are sobbing because they know they need these things but are spending money on "trial and error" since they are getting advice from so many people while the new agents have not even closed their first deal so they are trying to figure out how in the world they are going to pay for all of this, even if they know what to buy.

We know the issues surrounding you and have all bases covered from educating you on anything technology related, training you and providing you with the tools you need for FREE. Some other franchises offer technology as well. We, of course, believe Century 21 provides the best technology but many agents do not like using any technology from corporate as they feel it is restrictive or that they are trapped since they can not take it with them if they leave. Well, we have solved that too. We have hired a local independent vendor to provide Websites, IDX, CRM, Training and more to our agents FREE. That is right, you have a choice of Corporate products or a 3rd party vendor or even a combination of both for FREE.  

We have now eliminated the excuses for you to join us at the #1 Century 21 in the state of Florida for over 10 years. As a recap, you get all of the following:

  • Free Website on your own domain
  • Free IDX on your existing website or on one we provide
  • Free CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
  • Free Technology Training
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