Getting Started

Day 1:

  • Office Orientation:
  • Meet Staff and receive a copy of job descriptions of each member of staff.
  • Tour Office and Desk & Mail Box Assignment
  • Have Liz set up agent in Copier, Scanner, Alarm Code, Key, and Long Distance Code
  • Make appointment with Robert to Sync Agents Laptop to printer, Do Voice
  • Give copy of last Newsletter
  • Work on Bio for Web Site
  • Schedule Photo
  • Order Business Cards
  • Join the Board of Realtors, Buy at least 1 GEO map, 3or 4 Open House Signs, a
  • Supra Key, and MLS token
  • Buy Note Cards
  • Write a list of your Sphere of Influence (try to name 100)
  • Pick up any desk supplies you might need, and stamps for mailings

Day 2:

  • Be in the office at 9:00 A.M.
  • Enter into Intradesk
  • Enter into Century 21 online
  • Start your Free Website
  • Send out 10 notes to your sphere of influence
  • Call 10 people you know about Real Estate
  • Select a property to hold open from the vacant home list
  • Choose an area of Lee, Charlotte, or Collier County to Specialize in
  • Select a property to promote from the new listings, make a flyer and send out to
  • You’re the 20 people you called or sent notes too.

Day 3:

  • Be at the office at 9:00 A.M.
  • Run the expired hot sheet from the MLS and send out note cards to them.
  • Contact 10 more from your sphere of influence
  • Choose a property to preview in intradesk and ask staff to set an appointment for
  • You to preview
  • Work your farm area by pulling up names and addresses from
  • Visit 1 new home subdivision on your way home or at lunch
  • Print out flyers for your Open House

Day 4:

  • Be at the office at 9:00 A.M
  • Run the expires, send out cards
  • Walk around a minimum of 25 homes around your Open House and pass out the
  • Flyers inviting them to your Open House
  • Check your farm area for new activity
  • Contact 10 of your sphere of influence
  • If you have not started the training program, get with Beverly to start using Toolkit
  • CMA and do a CMA on your own home
  • Training on Appfiles
  • Visit another New Home Subdivision

Day 5:

  • Be in the office at 9:00 A.M.
  • Run the expires
  • 10:00 A.M. meeting with Beverly
  • Turn in your Log of Contacts to Beverly with any appointments for Listings or Sales
  • Have the Open House you have chosen ready to discuss
  • Have any questions you might have ready to discuss
  • Continue with expired, FSBO’s and sphere of influence contacts

In Addition to above, the following applies:

  • Every Wednesday morning at 8:30 you will attend the Mike Ferry roundtable with Instructor, Terry Carlson.
  • Every Friday you will schedule a 45 minute private coaching session with Beverly
  • Every new agent will sign up for a min. 2 hour cold calling session at least 3 days a week
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